Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July

For the fourth we had a Welch family reunion! It was so fun to see everyone! There was good food and great activities! My personal favorite...the marshmellow gun fight. :) Thanks uncle Vedel! Haha it was a blast! 

I love the fourth if July so much! It is always a blast! The fireworks were awesome and the whole day was all around fantastic! 

It's also my grandpa Welch's birthday! He was so patriotic and I miss him so much! It was great to spend the day with my nana and we got to visit his grave. Such a perfect day! I love my family!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

California Family Vacation!

California Beach house Trip! This was such a fun family vacation and we loved every minute!!! A big thanks to my mom and dad for making it all possible!!!! 

This trip was amazing! We stayed on the Balboa peninsula in Newport, CA in a cute beach house! It was pretty ideal! 

Our cute house! 

Presley enjoying the view and climbing the balcony...

Enjoying the sun! 

Meeting sweet Beckham for the first time!

Burying babies legs in the sand!

Bike rides!!! My fav activity when in Cali- riding along the boardwalk and exploring amazing neighborhoods!

These two were besties! Any time they were apart Presley would always loudly exclaim, "I want Boss!" Haha she loves him. 

Our little family on the beach!

Presley was in seventh heaven when we went to Disneyland! She LOVES Whinnie the Pooh and Tigger! :) 

Bike riding and I snuck a pick with my pops! Love him :)

We went to see the gorgeous Newport temple! 

Me and Tay watching the body surfers shred in the Ocean! They were awesome and the waves were intense!! 

We love Disneyland!!

My dads face is priceless :) his eyes are closed and mine look closed but it's only cause I have the squints when I smile and I was laughing histerically loving every minute of Space Mountain! It's pretty amazing, especially after riding a million kiddie rides haha. 

They love their Papa Dave! 

Disney Parade! Pres and I loved it! 

Cute Marmie and Presley! She loves her ma-ee to the moon!! 

Thanks again mom and dad!!! We had a blast!!!! Love you!!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

What a fun weekend it has been to be with family and enjoy this special holiday! We were able to spend the weekend in Cache Valley and do the annual Benson Easter Egg hunt at my grandmas! We got to see cousins, aunts and uncles, friends, and my grandma and it was a blast! I sure love my family and am lucky to be apart of it! Presley thoroughly enjoyed her first egg hunt and was delighted to find candy in each egg. She was in heaven! :)

My mom treated all the girls to pedicures! We have a little tradition of getting pedi's with the girls every now and then and it is so much fun! Love me some girl time and pampering! :) When we got back we went geo-caching with the boys! My dads a geo-caching pro. :) It was fun! It was definitely a fun Saturday!

Sunday was so nice! I love Easter and the spirit about it! How blessed we are to know of the resurrection and the atonement of our elder brother Jesus Christ. It is such a blessing and brings so much hope and love! Such a selfless sacrifice and key part in the Plan of Salvation. I am so grateful for my Savior and the blessings of his love and sacrifice! My family is the most important thing to me and his love made it possible for me to live and be with them forever. For that I am forever grateful and humbled!

We got to hear my grandma Benson speak in her sacrament on the resurrection and it was the best talk on the resurrection I have ever heard. It was a blessing and treat to hear her speak! She has so much knowledge and wisdom and the sprit was so strong! She is one amazing woman and I am blessed to have her in my life!

Easter has been so wonderful this year and I love why we celebrate it! I hope everyone had a beautiful day!